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Best Email Apps for Android in 2022 - For those of you who often send emails related to work or college assignments, the best email application is indeed one of the mandatory needs. One of them is possible for Android smartphone users.

Email applications can be used to send messages, files or documents, and so on, just by going through a smartphone. Considering that email has become a fairly important necessity, then we would recommend a row of the best email applications that you can download on your Android smartphone. Immediately, take a look at the following recommendations.

8 Best Email Apps for Android in 2022

Often send emails on smartphones? Here are the eight best email apps for Android that you must download!

1. Gmail, a built-in Google application that is usually directly installed on Android phones

Who doesn't know this email app? Gmail is one of the most popular email applications that are widely used by Android smartphone users. The app has a concise and informative look, and it is very easy to use.

Considering that Gmail is an application developed by Google, the Gmail application is usually installed immediately when you buy an Android phone. Seeing all the conveniences offered by Gmail, it's no wonder that Gmail is the best email application that you must download.

2. Blue Mail, support Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, Office 365, iCloud, and AOL

Blue Mail is also one of the best email apps that is quite popularly used by Android smartphone users. How not, this application can support a lot of email services, such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, Office 365, to iCloud and AOL.

In addition, Blue Mail also offers a compact, smooth, clean, and fresh appearance so that you will feel comfortable when using it even though you are receiving many emails waiting to be replied to.

3. Aqua Mail, can be integrated in other applications

Next up is Aqua Mail. This app is also one of the email apps that is already quite popular on Android. One of the advantages it has is the support for using widgets on the homescreen.

In addition, the application also supports almost all email service providers and one of the other advantages of this application is that it can be integrated in other applications. For that, Aqua Mail is one of the best email applications that you can try.

4. Microsoft Outlook, easily connected to other email services

Who doesn't know Microsoft? As one of the largest technology companies in the world, Microsoft also has the best email service that you can download on your Android smartphone, namely Microsoft Outlook.
Just like other email services, Microsoft Outlook is also ready to help you exchange electronic messages through an Android smartphone.

Not only that, but Microsoft Outlook can also be easily connected to other email services. In fact, you can also connect it with the calendar as a schedule reminder. Pretty complete, right?

5. K-9 Mail, has a concise and simple interface design

Finally, there is also the K-9 Mail. K-9 Mail is also an app for sending emails on Android smartphones.

With this application, you can manage all activities related to email so easily and simply. This application is also available for free and has a concise interface design that makes it easier for you to send emails.

So, those were the five best email apps that you must download on your Android smartphone. After seeing the advantages of each application, just adjust it to your needs.

6. Yahoo Mail

The second very popular email app recommendation is Yahoo Mail. A total of more than 100 million people download this app to send messages in their professional needs.

7. Yandex Mail

In addition to the two applications above, you can also try downloading an email application called Yandex Mail. All activities to exchange messages are very easy with this application because Yandex Mail carries many features such as to be able to add subjects to filters for every incoming message.

8. ProtonMail

In addition, you can also choose an email application called ProtonMail. This application is safe to be made to send messages for personal as well as professional purposes because ProtonMail has an end-to-end email encryption feature. This means that only the sender and reader can read the email.

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